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Hidden Oasis in Cape Cod: Armstrong-Kelly Park

Tucked away in Osterville, Massachusetts, lies a hidden gem that’s a well-kept secret among locals and tourists. Armstrong-Kelley Park, owned and operated by the Cape Cod Horticultural Society, is a captivating 8.5-acre park that’s open to the public free of charge year-round. It’s the Cape’s oldest and largest privately owned public park, and it’s brimming with natural wonders.

The park is a botanical paradise, showcasing 30 rare and unique tree species, including the elusive Franklinia tree. It’s a place of reflection, with features like the John Folk Water garden and fish pond, Buddy’s Walkway and Pet Memorial Garden, and the poetic Garden of Verses. For nature enthusiasts, there’s an intricate network of trails and walkways, including Liam’s Train and Liam’s View, offering stunning vistas and over 1,450 memorial boards to commemorate loved ones.

Practical amenities make this park visitor-friendly, including dog-friendly policies, picnic tables, and benches. Limited parking is available on-site, and a nearby general store offers delectable sandwiches for your picnic. Armstrong-Kelley Park beckons all who seek a tranquil, botanical escape in the heart of Cape Cod, inviting you to explore, reflect, and connect with nature’s beauty in this hidden oasis.

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