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    With a population of 9,775, 4,282 total housing units (homes and apartments), and a median house value of $514,244, real estate costs in Brewster are among some of the highest in the nation, although house prices here don’t compare to real estate prices in the most expensive Massachusetts communities.

    Single-family detached homes are the single most common housing type in Brewster, accounting for 73.80% of the town’s housing units. Other types of housing that are prevalent in Brewster include row houses and other attached homes ( 9.10%), large apartment complexes or high rise apartments ( 8.49%), and a few duplexes, homes converted to apartments or other small apartment buildings ( 8.34%).

    Owner-occupied, three and four bedroom dwellings, primarily in single-family detached homes are the most prevalent type of housing you will see in Brewster. Owner-occupied housing accounts for 84.56% of Brewster’s homes, and 58.86% have either three or four bedrooms, which is average sized relative to America.

    There is a lot of housing in Brewster built from 1970 to 1999 so parts of town may have that “Brady Bunch” look of homes popular in the ’70s and early ’80s, although some of these houses were built up through the early ’90s as well. There is also a lot of housing in Brewster built between 1940-1969 ( 18.30%). A lesser amount of the housing stock also hails from between 2000 and later ( 9.60%). There’s also some housing in Brewster built before 1939 ( 5.08%).

    A decent proportion of the Brewster housing stock is seasonally occupied. That is, homes and condos in Brewster are occupied by people for a portion of the year – mainly for vacation purposes – and then locked up and left unoccupied for the remainder of the year as owners return to their primary residences. This characteristic of the Brewster housing market speaks to its popularity as a vacation location of choice.