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Wellfleet Real Estate

Living in Wellfleet

Wellfleet is a very small coastal town (i.e. on the ocean, a bay, or inlet) located in the state of Massachusetts. With a population of 2,724 people and just one neighborhood, Wellfleet is the 281st largest community in Massachusetts.

Wellfleet home prices are not only among the most expensive in Massachusetts, but Wellfleet real estate also consistently ranks among the most expensive in America.

Another notable thing is that Wellfleet is an extremely popular destination for tourists and seasonal residents. So much of the population is seasonal such that the town’s population swells significantly during the vacation season, and drops again when the season ends. Because of this, much of the local economy is centered around tourism; some businesses may be operated only during the high season. During the low season, year-round residents will notice that the city is a substantially quieter place to live.

It is a fairly quiet town because there are relatively few of those groups of people who have a tendency to be noisy. (Children, for example, often can’t help themselves from being noisy, and being parents ourselves, we know!) Wellfleet has relatively few families with children living at home, and is quieter because of it. Renters and college students, for their own reasons, can also be noisy. Wellfleet has few renters and college students. But the biggest reason it is quieter in Wellfleet than in most places in America, is that there are just simply fewer people living here. If you think trees make good neighbors, Wellfleet may be for you.

Wellfleet is also nautical, which means that parts of it are somewhat historic and touch the ocean or tidal bodies of water, such as inlets and bays. Such areas are often places that visitors and locals go for waterfront activities or taking in the scenery.